Black Holes and G-Waves

Family Footprints

Packed up for a day trip and took the family out to Livingston Louisiana for Science Saturday at the LIGO Gravitational Wave Observatory. I have to admit, my family is a bunch of Astro-nerds who don’t mind sitting in a science lecture, so this was pretty much up our alley.

We hadn’t been here in a while but wanted to see what was happening with the recent wave discovery they had. For those of you who really aren’t into science or hadn’t paid attention, the science world was rocked with the detection of gravitational waves caused by the collision of 2 black holes in a distant galaxy over a billion years ago. One of them was 36 times as massive as the sun, the other 29 times. As they approached the end, at half the speed of light, they were circling each other 250 times a second. The two holes…

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Quakes strand thousands in New Zealand — – RSS Channel – Mobile App Manual

After being rocked by a deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake, a wave of powerful aftershocks and heavy rain, thousands are now stranded in New Zealand.

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